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CG Heavyweight 2224.jpg

CG Heavyweight 2224 (AP282636) is an aptly named young bull!

His sire, Dos Equis, is the highest valued polled Akaushi bull of all time, commanding over $111,000 for half interest.

His maternal grandsire, Rueshaw, holds the record for the highest priced Akaushi semen, with a single unit bringing up to $22,000.

His dam, JC Ms Rueshaw 121, is a standout power cow and favorite of visitors to the ranch.

Heavyweight himself is the heaviest Akaushi calf at weaning produced to date in the Christensen Genetics program.

He has gained at an impressive rhythm on nothing but grass and hay, without ever tasting a bite of corn.

If you're looking for a bull that will produce polled, fast-gaining calves on grass that turn into beautiful cows and premium quality Akaushi beef, Heavyweight is your bull!
His first batch of semen just passed quality control today.

($50/straw) To get the first available semen on this elite foundation bred polled Akaushi sire, call/text Seth at 208-589-9988.




CG Polled Hikari 2114 (AP275036) is the ONLY polled purebred Akaushi son of the original Japanese import, Hikari!

Hikari is legendary for his ability to sire consistent marbling himself and through his many AI stud sons, including Kotsukari, Umemaru, H0518E, Hercules, Dozer, and H5070S.
2114 is the first purebred direct son of Hikari to be POLLED!  The first batch of semen just passed quality control.


($50/straw) To get the first available semen on this elite foundation bred polled Akaushi sire, call/text Seth at 208-589-9988.



Calves on the ground in New York, Texas, Colorado, Montana, and Idaho have all been born 100% unassisted.

Domestic, export-qualified, male sexed and female sexed semen from Davy Crockett is ready and available for immediate shipment!

Davy Crockett is the polled Akaushi stud of choice for proven fertility and calving ease, with an excellent quality cow behind him. 

His dam, CG MarblingX 919, is our highest marbling and highest ribeye per pound of bodyweight Akaushi donor.  She offers a straight foundation pedigree, being a daughter of the original Big Al out of a Hikari x Shig x Ume cow.

(Conventional semen @ $50/straw, male-sexed semen @ $100/straw, & female-sexed semen @ $150/straw) Semen from Davy Crockett is available for immediate shipment from Hoffman AI in Logan, UT.  To add fertility, calving ease, and Akaushi marbling in a polled package to your herd, call or text Seth at 208-589-9988.




JMK OUTBACK 298D is a direct son of the legendary KOTSUKARI out of a full sister to the elite Australian sire INTERNATIONAL. Outback is registered with BOTH the American Wagyu Association (FB28832) AND the American Akaushi Association (EAF144152).

Both HEIFER SEXED and CONVENTIONAL semen from Outback is available for immediate shipment from Trans Ova in Bryan, TX. With Kotsukari semen selling for up to $7500/straw, this powerful son from an elite cow family is the next step forward!

(Conventional semen @ $50/straw & female-sexed semen @ $150/straw) DON'T WAIT if you want to add this semen from Outback to your herd! Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988.



It is always a beautiful thing to get to see new life!

This 71 lb heifer calf was born unassisted and was up and walking while still wet when we found her - just how we like them!

She is sired by CG Pilot 998.  Pilot is our most proven sire for excellent fertility, producing up to 400 straws semen in a single collection that went on to produce an 82% conception rate in a large commercial heifer project.  

The Pilot calves come easy and unassisted, as evidenced by well over 100 unassisted births from virgin commercial heifers.  
Pilot calves grow and marble well, and mature into beautiful young females.  His dam, Lady Jet 2672, is still in production as an 11 year old cow and holds our embryo production record at 35 grade 1 embryos in a single flush.

Pilot semen is reasonably priced and ready for immediate shipment.

(20 available @ $15/straw) To order semen from CG Pilot 998 for your next AI project, call or text Seth at 208-589-9988.



CG Outlaw L063.jpg

CG OUTLAW L063 is in the top 1% of the Angus breed for weaning weight (107), yearling weight (184), carcass weight (97), $Maternal (97), $Wean (101), $Feeder (133), and $Combined (340).

Semen packaged at 40 million sperm cells per unit is available now for only $15/straw!  Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988.

Fullblood Wagyu


1049 now.jpg

1049 now

1049 at a year.jpg

1049 at a year

1049 at weaning.jpg

1049 at weaning

1049 at 4 months.jpg

1049 at 4 months

If you're looking for performance and marbling, this is your bull!
CGX Black Ops 1049J is a son of our JC Ms Rueshaw 121 donor (FB18255) sired by DCR Kitami 99F (FB70431) that weaned off his mother at 700 lbs!

To have a fullblood Wagyu grow at this rate is certainly both rare and impressive.  I've included pictures of 1049 at 4 months old, at weaning, at yearling, and last week at 20 months old.  He has grown at this rate without ever tasting a bite of corn!

Black Ops has produced and frozen excellent quality semen.  He brings together the world-renowned marbling of Black Wagyu with the performance of Red Wagyu.  

(60 units available @ $50/straw) Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988.



C 88X Notice Me 1315 is the FULL SISTER to the $600,000 Miles McKee! She is the cornerstone of our Hereford program. 

1623 units of domestic and CSS semen from a son of 1315, CG Victorious 0093.

Victorious is sired by the proven longevity stud, Victor 719T, out of a full sister to the $600,000 Miles McKee. 

($15/straw) Domestic and exportable semen available.  Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 for availability.

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