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The Christensen Family


The LaRue Family

Christensen Genetics exists to help you build your dream herd.  Cattlemen and women are as unique as the environments they operate in, with distinct business models and genetic needs.  With clients in 40 states and 12 countries representing over 21,000 head of cattle, we understand how imperative it is to fit the right genetic package to the right ranch.  Regardless of your herd size, breed of choice or point of sale, Christensen Genetics is here to help move your herd towards YOUR established goals. 



Seth Christensen
Owner & Founder


Jon LaRue
Ranch Foreman

Hailey headshot.JPG

Hailey Christensen
Accounting & Web Design


Lauren LaRue
Registrations & Bull Lease Coordinator

            Seth Christensen has owned and made his living from cattle since 2004.  With 20 years' experience in genetic and business management, in addition to a degree in Economics from Utah State University, Seth is well qualified to answer your questions and help you reach your goals for your herd.  Seth's days are spent identifying and multiplying the best beef cattle genetics in the world, and helping our clients to add them to their herds.

            Jonathan LaRue is a true jack of all trades and leads all production efforts at Christensen Genetics.  His many responsibilities include managing the nutrition and health programs for over 400 animals, managing the recruiting, training, and scheduling of all ranch hands, moving cattle through our aggressive estrus synchronization and embryo transfer program, constant rotation of animals in our management intensive grazing program, and construction and maintenance of all facilities and equipment at the ranch in Weston.  Jon is also an actively engaged husband and father.  We are lucky to have him!

            If anything is ever kept track of at Christensen Genetics, it is because Hailey did it!  Hailey keeps track of all of our accounting, from sending out invoices, to paying bills, to recording all transactions.  All of the creative work and design on our website is also done in-house by this young mother of two, whenever she isn't taking care of Miles or Emery or trying to keep Seth in line!

            Lauren LaRue has managed our bull lease program in its entirety since 2019, sending out over 100 bulls into herds in 6 states in each of those years.  She matches the right bull, to the right ranch, at the right time, makes sure each bull is tested and inspected prior to delivery, and that all bull lease clients are happy with their herd sires when they receive them.  Lauren manages all of our registrations and inventory, making sure that all of our animals have the appropriate paperwork.  She carries a lot of weight as she is also a young mother of two, and is often found caring for her two kids while helping Jon with his many duties around the ranch.  

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