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Charolais Bull
(Full brother in blood to pictured LT Authority) 

TAG 3304

Tag 3304: full brother in blood to the $160,000 LT Authority, priced at $5,000 with free delivery included anywhere in the continental United States!

(1 available @ $5,000 delivery included) Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 to add 3304 to your herd!

Charolais Bull

TAG 0044

Tag 0044: three year old maternal brother to bull pictured, priced at $4,000!

(1 available @ $4,000) Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 to add 0044 to your herd!

Hereford Bulls Available For
Purchase or Lease

If you're looking to make daughters that will LAST, these full brothers of CG Victorious 0093 are the bulls for you!

The dam of CG Victorious 0093 is a full sister to the $600,000 Miles McKee. She maintains a strong top, bold rib, tight udder, and excellent foot as an 13 year old cow.

Victorious is sired by the proven longevity sire, Victor 719T. 719T is a breed leader for sustained cow fertility, and was servicing cows live cover at the ripe old age of 13.

Victorious semen has done exceptionally well in commercial heifer AI projects, with his calves being the top picks against major league AI sires.

His two maternal brothers sired by Blueprint and 5280 (making him a full brother in blood to Double Your Miles) are available now!

All three bulls covered cows in natural service this spring and did a wonderful job.

Both brothers come with free delivery anywhere in the continental United States included!

(1 lease sold, 2 brothers available @ $5,000 each delivered) Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 to get one or both of these studs headed to your herd for breeding this spring.

Polled Akaushi Weanling Bull



Check out CG Danny Boy 2272 PLD ET!

His sire, Dainiji 442G, adds outcross mating versatility while his dam, Daisy Crockett, is a full sister to the lead polled Akaushi stud at Christensen Genetics, Davy Crockett.

CG Danny Boy 2272 PLD ET (AP276982) is available now, but won't be for long!


(1 @ $10,000) 2272 comes with free delivery included anywhere in the continental United States!  Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988.

Angus Bull


CG Marbling 0066.jpg

CG Marbling 0066 (20001465) is a FULL BROTHER to the $50,000 ABS Global sire, SF Speedway A187!

He ranks in the top 10% of the Angus breed for reduced dry matter intake (requires less feed) and top 20% of the Angus breed for PAP (does better at altitude).

0066 has excellent feet and disposition, and has passed a breeding soundness exam and trich test.

Get AI sired quality calves without any of the hassle of AI!

(Currently out on lease, 1 BUYOUT@ $4,000) CG Marbling 0066 comes with free delivery anywhere in the continental United States included, or is available for lease if you cover the shipping.  Call or text Seth at 208-589-9988.

Red/Black Wagyu Mature Bull


If GRASS FED WAGYU is of interest to you, this post is for you!

Most Wagyu cattle struggle with lack of growth.

Most Wagyu cattle without corn REALLY struggle with lack of growth.

In 2021, I purchased an Akaushi (Red Wagyu) donor cow.  She happened to be pregnant with a Black Wagyu sired calf.  Frankly, I assumed that the calf wouldn't grow at all.  I planned to make the calf a steer at weaning and eat him.  Lo and behold, this calf didn't fall to the bottom of the calf crop.  He didn't even hang with the average of the calf crop.  This Wagyu bull came in at the TOP of the calf crop.  And he did it WITHOUT CORN.  Nothing but mama's milk, grass, and hay.  To say I was impressed would be an understatement!

These pictures show this calf as he grew up.  At 4, 6, 9, 14, 17, 20, 21, and 25 months of age, he was and is a stud!  This bull has never tasted a bite of corn in his life.  He has frozen excellent quality semen.  If you're looking for Wagyu genetics that will perform on grass, this is your bull!

There are three ways to use CGX Black Ops 1049J (FB97364):
1. Own the bull outright!  We've discounted him to move quickly.
2. Lease the bull.  He is located in Weston, ID, if you are local.
3. Get semen on the bull.  It is ready to ship from Hoffman AI.


(SOLD @ 7,500 to Idaho) Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 to put these grass fed Wagyu genetics to work in your herd today!




The FULL BROTHER to the featured polled Akaushi stud, Davy Crockett (AP230193) was just weaned and is available to ship!

This calf combines the growth of King David with the marbling of Big Al and his own impressive performance to make a bull with a world of potential ahead of him. 



SOLD @ $7,500 to Texas




If MUSCLE is what you're after in your Angus calves, this post is for you!

CG Growth 2254 (20654792) is a direct son of Reich Ripper 37B.  Ripper is one of the heaviest muscled, widest topped, soundest 9 year old bulls you will ever see!

2254's dam was the top performance heifer of the 2019 calf crop at Christensen Genetics.  She brings both performance and look to the pedigree.

2254 himself offers a CED of 10, to place him in the top 20% of the Angus breed for calving ease.  


(SOLD @ $5,000 TO KANSAS)

Hereford Weanling Bull


CG LongevityX 2268.jpg

If you're looking to make top notch baldy females without breaking the bank, this post is for you!

This bull calf's mother is a full sister to the $600,000 Miles McKee.  After searching multiple top herds across the US for elite Hereford females, I found that all of my favorites were sisters to or daughters of Miles.

This future herd bull is sired by Mandate.  Mandate was my favorite Hereford bull at the entire ST Genetics facility in Tiffin, Ohio when I saw him in October of last year.  He posts an impressive proven EPD profile, with calving ease, weaning weight marbling and baldy maternal index all in the top 10% of the breed.



Angus Weanling Bull


CG Longevity 2258.jpg

This cowmaker deluxe is sired by the original LEACHMAN RIGHT TIME, who was born in 1992 and is widely regarded as a sire of long-lasting females.

The donor dam of this bull is the Canadian import, Reich Pride 19R. She produced the embryo that made him as a 17 year old cow. She is from the same cow family that produced Reich Ripper 37B. Even as an aged cow, she was sound, athletic, and functional.

This herd sire prospect is smooth and super correct, just like his parents. f you want to make cows that LAST, his is a no-miss pedigree!



Charolais Weanling Bull



If POUNDS pay the bills at your house, this is your bull!

Weaning off the cow at a whopping 860 lbs at just 7 months old with NO CREEP, 2239 is the performance king of the fall 2022 calf crop at Christensen Genetics!

This bull is a full brother to the dam of the $160,000 LT Authority.

His mother, LT Katy 8042 PLD, weaned 8 calves at a 108 weaning weight ratio in the famed Lindskov-Thiel herd in South Dakota.



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