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If you already have commercial cows and would like to improve the quality of your next calf crop, check out our selection of bulls.

How to buy
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If you already have cows and a bull and are wanting to take the next step into artificial insemination on your ranch, see the semen we have available.


With a proven AI and ET program in place, you are ready to add your own donors from our females page.


If you are looking to build the best herd of cows that money can buy, check out the pregnancies from our embryo transfer program.

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If you are already running a successful AI program on your ranch, the logical next step is to engage in embryo transfer.  See our available inventory of frozen embryos.

How To Buy


1. Once you've decided what you want to buy, you can call or text Seth at 208-589-9988 or send an email to

2. Provide your name, business name (if applicable), email address, physical address, and what you would like to buy.

3. You will receive an email with a QuickBooks invoice.  You can pay online via ACH, mail a physical check, or reply to pay by wire or credit card.

4. Once your payment is received, we will work with you to schedule delivery of live animals or release frozen genetics to your name.

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