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Featured Mating

JC Rueshaw 75

Grand Champion Red Wagyu Bull 75.jpg

JC Rueshaw 75 (FB14989/EAF14989) is the world-record selling Red Wagyu/Akaushi bull at $500,000 for the bull and his semen inventory, which has sold for up to $6000/unit and is not available on the open market.  He was the Houston Grand Champion Red Wagyu bull in both 2014 and 2015, where he recorded the top marbling score and largest ribeye competing against both Red and Black Wagyu bulls.  He is a direct son of the original Rueshaw, the only national champion to ever leave Japan, who was imported in 1976 and has had semen sell for as much as $22,000 for a single unit.   

Fostton Underground 577


Fostton Underground 577 ET (3T217523) is our HOMOZYGOUS POLLED Akaushi donor.  Not only will she remove horns from EVERY mating, but she will add strength of top, depth of side, correct structure, excellent manners, and a deep cherry red color.  Her sire, Saisho 197F, brings proven calving ease to the table, while her dam, Taura 176E, is sired by a full brother to RUESHAW XXX.  If you're looking for the BEST in polled Akaushi females, look no further than 577.

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