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C 88X NOTICE ME 1315


C 88X Notice Me 1315 is the FULL SISTER to the $600,000 Miles McKee! She is the cornerstone of our Hereford program. 

Female sexed embryos from 1315 sired by /S Mandate 66589 and TH Masterplan are available.

($400/each) Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 for availability.



DDA Ginna 768_edited.jpg

DDA Ginna 768

M V C C Vermilion Lady 1449.jpg

M V C C Vermilion Lady 1449

Reich Pride 19R_edited.jpg

Reich Pride 19R

Thomas Lady Jet 2672.jpg

Thomas Lady Jet 2672

If LONGEVITY in the cowherd is your target, stop scrolling now!

These donors made it into the donor pen the old-fashioned way: 

DDA Ginna 768: Pictured here at 15 years old, after weaning 13 calves at a 107 weaning ratio that were born in the same 28-day window annually

M V C C Vermilion Lady 1449: Pictured here at 13 years old, while nursing an AI sired heifer calf on a perfect udder

Reich Pride 19R: pictured here at 17 years old, from the same cow family that produced Reich Ripper 37B

Thomas Lady Jet 2672: pictured here at 10 years old, after producing the featured studs for Christensen Genetics, Balance and Pilot, and holding our record at 35 grade 1 embryos produced in a single conventional flush

Female sexed conventional embryos from these proven matrons sired by S A V Territory 7225, Connealy Maternal Made, ZWT Summitt 6507, and S A V Cattlemaster are available now!
Conventional embryos sired by Leachman Right Time, S A V Resource 1441, BC Lookout 7024, Reich Ripper 37B and Sitz Resilient 10208 are also available.

($400/each) All are reasonably priced and ready for immediate shipment!  Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988 for availability.




EGL Phoebe A189 is the most feed efficient proven cow in the GrowSafe database.

S A V Bruiser 9164 is the #1 sire for the ABS Global Feed Efficiency index. He is also the highest actual weaning weight sire in the ABS Global lineup.

14 female sexed in vivo embryos from this exceptional feed efficiency mating are available now.

(8 sold, 6 available @ $300/each) 14 female sexed in vivo embryos are available now!  Call/text Seth at 208-589-9988.


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