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At Christensen Genetics, we have over 220 commercial and registered Angus recips available.  We can provide an embryo, synchronization, implant, and confirmation of pregnancy in a quality recip cow at a package price more competitive than anyone else in the industry.  If you'd like to learn more about our program and reserve your recips while they're still available, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.  



The #1 female for calving ease in the entire Christensen Genetics herd, and as high as about any female out there. 2195 has a CED of 18, landing her far into the top 1% of the breed. Coming from the famous carcass breeding at Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas, 2195 also has a $B of 172 to land her in the top 1% of the entire Angus breed for carcass merit. Pictured is 2195's Granddam, GAR 5050 New Design A91.

Reg #: AAA 18333181


2672 is a cornerstone phenotype donor at Christensen Genetics. Coming to the CG program as our pick of the fall 2016 Thomas Angus Ranch production sale, 2672 has had a major impact on our herd. Her son, Thomas CG Balance 6899, is the resident senior herdsire at Christensen Genetics, and has sold out the entire semen inventory we had on him in 2019. Balance 6899 is a prime example of the genomic power of the 2672 donor. While her EPDs are nothing extreme, Balance records a YW of 136 (top 3%), a RADG of .29 (top 3%), a $W of 84 (top 3%), a CW of 63 (top 4%), and a $B of 170 (top 10%). Maternal siblings to Balance have consistently had genomic scores far above their parent averages. If you're looking for a donor that will add depth, width, muscle, and genomic power to every mating, 2672 is the female you're after.

Reg #: AAA 17410624


If you sell your calves at weaning, 8311 simply can't be overlooked! Sporting the #8 $W index in the ENTIRE Angus breed, this female is designed to make the commercial cowman money. She is a full sister in blood to the #1 $W bull and heifer in the Angus breed today. Another full sister in blood sold for $21,000 in the 2018 Powell Farms sale. With a WW EPD of 100, there aren't many females with more growth to be found anywhere. What could you do with an extra fifty pounds per calf to put on the truck each fall? This female literally doubles the average weaning weight EPD in the Angus breed today. Not only that, she is above average for calving ease. If you want your calves to come easy, grow like wildfire, and put pounds on the scale at weaning, buy embryos from 8311.

Reg #: AAA 19172843


If pounds across the scale in a docile, eye-appealing package is what you're after, 6600 is the donor for you.  This female was shipped in all the way from Arkansas for her breed-leading growth and outcross pedigree.  With a WW EPD of 81, this O'Reilly Factor daughter easily lands in the top 1% of the Angus breed for weaning weight without any common high performance sires in her pedigree.  Her performance continues all the way to the rail, with a $B in the top 1% of the breed at 176.  This female is extremely docile and eye-pleasing, demonstrating the kind of natural thickness and muscle expression appreciated by the commercial cowman.  If you're looking for a stellar EPD package, take a look at 6600.  She is at the very top of the entire Christensen Genetics herd with WW 81, YW 152, RADG .36, DOC 33, CW 68, and $F 129.  She is also strong in $B at 176 and $C at 285.  These kinds of numbers don't pair up to this kind of phenotype and pedigree often.  Embryos from 6600 will move your herd forward.

Reg #: AAA 18811108


When we start producing a new breed at Christensen Genetics, we start with the BEST. LT Katy 8042 PLD is the granddam of the $160,000 LT Authority, and is the cornerstone of our Charolais program. With a weaning weight ratio of 108 on 8 natural calves in the famous Lindscov-Thiel herd in South Dakota, this donor brings some serious growth to the table. Many thanks to Brent Thiel for allowing us to purchase this foundation female!

Reg #: F1089820

If you're serious about marbling, you can't beat 866! With a MARB EPD of 1.81, 866 lands as the #30 marbling female in the ENTIRE Angus breed as of this writing! When quality grade is of utmost importance, this is the donor to get it done. Offspring of 866 will shine at every stage of production, with calving ease and weaning weight in the top 15% of the breed and with a $B of 207. This rising star in the Christensen Genetics donor battery is sure to be in high demand - place your orders early!

Pictured is the granddam of 866, G A R Big Eye 1770.

Reg #: AAA 19530070


Pictured is Big Al, sire of 919. CG MarblingX 919 ET is the beginning of our Akaushi program, and we started with the best! Produced from the best of the embryos available at Heartbrand, this direct daughter of the legendary Big Al sports a calving ease EPD in the top 1% of the breed, and was born unassisted out of a first calf heifer herself. Her sire, Big Al, is the #1 highest proven marbling bull in the entire Akaushi breed, with a .84 IMF EPD. If your goal is to go from Select or Choice to Prime in one generation, this female has the genetics to do it.

Reg #: AF148861

8980 is a full sister to the 10 MILLION dollar producer, S A V Blackcap May 4136!  


Embryos and pregnancies from 8980 sired by Charlo will be full siblings in blood to the $750,000 President, the $460,000 Rainfall, the $450,000 Raindance, the $435,000 Governor, the $175,000 Chairman, and the $165,000 Rainmaster.


Embryos and pregnancies from 8980 by other sires will be full siblings in blood to the $725,000 Pedigree, the $650,000 Sensation, the $235,000 Seedstock, the $200,000 Universal, the $175,000 Renown, and the $110,000 Resource. 


8980 herself is the dam of the $40,000 S A V Blackcap May 1051 at Square B, who is in turn the dam of the $55,000 Ground Breaker at ST Genetics and Square B Bozeman at Universal Semen Sales.


8980 is also the dam of S A V Blackcap May 3264 in the Schaff herd, who produced the $24,000 Advance at ST Genetics.  3264 also produced the #1 overall 205 weight bull calf in the S A V herd in 2019, who outweighed the $250,000 Bloodline by 123 lbs at weaning.


8980 earned Pathfinder status in the legendary Schaff Angus Valley herd in North Dakota.  This is reflected in her weaning weight EPD of 70 - the highest of any of the full sisters to 4136, and higher than 4136 herself.  If you want performance and maternal quality at its finest, this is it.

Reg #: AAA 16124545 


If you don't like the looks of this cow, I don't know what to tell you. Pictured this fall as a nine-year-old on pasture, 0286 is phenotypically flawless. She is a direct maternal granddaughter of the legendary Forever Lady 57D, who produced Traveler 004 and New Day, and through them, the highest income-producing cow in Angus breed history: S A V Blackcap May 4136. 57D herself was a 2.5 million dollar producing cow, and when mated to the landmark Pathfinder sire, 878 (who produced semen to the ripe old age of 17), she produced the dam of 0286. When this cow was mated to the performance icon Upward, it made something special. 0286 wraps together phenotype, longevity, and EPD profile like no other female in the breed today. If you want foundation female quality, this is it.

Reg #: AAA 16659168


1315 is a full sister to the $600,000 Miles McKee, and to the famous 1311 donor from Colyers, who is the dam of Double Your Miles and Special Edition. A direct daughter of the $2 million producer, Notice Me, and the maternal cornerstone sire, Ribeye 88X, you couldn't make a more star-studded pedigree. 1315 exemplifies phenotypic correctness, with a strong top, expressive rib, deep heel, and perfect udder as an eight year old cow. If you want a no-miss pedigree with the production record to back it, this is your donor. Maternal Hereford genetics at their finest.

Reg #: 43271375

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