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Akaushi are known for making incredible carcasses - but did you know that they also make incredible cows?  

FERTILITY: The Akaushi cow pictured here (CG MarblingX 919) is an excellent embryo producer, averaging 12 grade 1 embryos per flush.  The bull she was flushed to most recently, Rapid Bay Blue Chip, produced 11 grade 1 embryos with heifer sexed semen.

CALVING EASE: 919 has produced over 30 calves via embryo transfer, and none have required assistance at birth.  Her son, Davy Crockett, has been widely used via AI and also records a perfect 100% unassisted calving rate.

MARBLING: CG MarblingX 919 scanned well above prime herself, and has the most ribeye per pound of bodyweight of all of our donors.  Adding carcass quality to your cowherd puts premiums in your pocket when selling their calves!

LONGEVITY: A sister to 919, 8796X, put 10 consecutive natural calves on the ground in the same 37 day window every year from 2012 - 2021.  She continues to impress in the pasture, with a strong top, deep side, tight udder, and excellent feet.

CONSISTENCY: Pictured are 919 and the dam and granddam of Blue Chip.  If you want consistently good heifer calves, stack consistently good cows behind them!

We have three heifer calf pregnancies sired by Rapid Bay Blue Chip out of CG MarblingX 919 due to calve March 13 available now.  

Akaushi Rapid Bay Blue Chip x CG MarblingX 919


    (3 bull pregnancies available) Flushing 152K to Smooth Criminal resulted in two heifer and three bull pregnancies, all due to be born on January 4.  These potentially homozygous polled pregnancies will be both phenotypically elite and genetically diverse from most polled genetics available today.  These polled purebred Akaushi pregnancies come with the ownership of the young Angus cow carrying them and free delivery anywhere in the continental United States included.

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