Christensen Genetics is a bovine genetic management firm specializing in improving the profitability of our clients.  The ideal fit for each individual cowherd will be different, but Christensen Genetics is unique in its ability to provide specialized genetic management for your cowherd. 

      With genetics tailored to fit specific business models, Christensen Genetics can provide custom-built pregnancies for your entire cowherd each year that are designed to maximize profitability on your ranch.  As it comes time to replace females in your cowherd, Christensen Genetics produces the highest quality bred females in both the commercial and registered sectors.


Seth Christensen

Owner & Founder


            Seth Christensen was eleven years old when he purchased his first two Holstein bull calves from a neighbor's dairy.  After receiving identical feed and care, when it came time to sell them, there was a large difference in weight between the two calves.  When he asked the neighbor what the difference was, the neighbor told him, "Genetics."  Thus, a lifelong interest in genetics was born.  By age 15, Seth was a certified AI technician.  He owned a small herd of registered Angus cows by the time he was 17 years old.  At age 18, Seth began using embryo transfer, and for the last six years has used both embryo transfer and artificial insemination to improve the quality of both his herd and the herds of his clients.  Graduating in 2016 with a degree in Economics from Utah State University, Seth understands the impact of quality genetics on the bottom line of a business and strives to tailor fit genetics into each individual cowherd that will best fit their business model and production goals.

            Jon's expertise in working with cattle makes him well qualified for managing the day-to-day tasks on the ranch.  Jon's responsibilities include feeding the cattle, calving, tagging, treating sick calves as needed, trucking, moving fence, sorting cattle, and about anything else that you can think of out on the ranch.  His primary responsibility is keeping the animals here at Christensen Genetics healthy and thriving.  Along with cattle management, Jon leads ranch tours and plays a huge role in customer relations.  

Jon LaRue

Ranch Foreman


            Hailey manages the online presence at Christensen Genetics.  She works in everything from web design to ad distribution and registration management.  Hailey designs and updates all aspects of the Christensen Genetics website and social media presence, in addition to editing all of the educational and promotional videos produced here.  All genomic testing and registration paperwork for the various breed associations are also compiled and managed by Hailey.

Hailey Christensen

Brand Manager

            If you need to lease a bull, contact Lauren.  Her focus is on matching bulls to go out on lease that will meet the needs of your operation.  We lease bulls in the spring as well as in the fall, and Lauren can tell you which animals are available to go out on lease.  Aside from coordinating bull leases, Lauren keeps track of invoicing and record-keeping for Christensen Genetics.  She also assists Jon with herd health and cattle management.  

Lauren LaRue

Bull Lease Coordinator


At Christensen Genetics, our available inventory changes every time a donor fills an order, a bull ships in or out on lease, a cow is confirmed pregnant, or a sale is made.  We send out updates to our clients letting them know first when new donors and embryos become available, when bulls are ready to go or have new pictures, or when another preg check is completed and bred females are ready to go.  If you would like to be the first to know of new available inventory at Christensen Genetics, please subscribe below.

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Be the first to receive the latest updates and offers from Christensen Genetics

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