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Here at Christensen Genetics, we are focused on building genetics to improve the profitability of your business.  While the necessary genetics are as different as the business models they work in, Christensen Genetics is unique in its ability to custom build genetics suited specifically to your business model.  The above donors are the best of the best when it comes to the areas they specialize in.  If you are looking to build animals focused on calving ease for use in breeding heifers, take a look at the 2195 donor.  If pounds across the scale are where you make your money, and growth is of the utmost priority, look no farther than the 6600, 8042 or 667 donors.  For those who produce carcasses on the rail or sell meat direct to consumers, marbling females such as 5013 and 919 are the gold standard.  When retaining the best females possible is your top priority, the maternal quality of 2672 and 45710 are hard to beat.  For help selecting the donor best suited to your individual needs, please click here, call/text 208-589-9988, or email seth@christensengenetics.com.

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