If pounds across the scale in a docile, eye-appealing package is what you're after, 6600 is the donor for you.  This female was shipped in all the way from Arkansas for her breed-leading growth and outcross pedigree.  With a WW EPD of 81, this O'Reilly Factor daughter easily lands in the top 1% of the Angus breed for weaning weight without any common high-performance sires in her pedigree.  Her performance continues all the way to the rail, with a $B in the top 1% of the breed at 176.  This female is extremely docile and eye-pleasing, demonstrating the kind of natural thickness and muscle expression appreciated by the commercial cowman.  If you're looking for a stellar EPD package, take a look at 6600.  She is at the very top of the entire Christensen Genetics herd with WW 81, YW 152, RADG .36, DOC 33, CW 68, and $F 129.  She is also strong in $B at 176 and $C at 285.  These kinds of numbers don't pair up to this kind of phenotype and pedigree often.  Embryos from 6600 will move your herd forward.  AAA 18811108. 


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Jacs Ms Traveler 6600 Custom Embryos


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