If you're serious about marbling, you can't beat 866!  With a MARB EPD of 1.81, 866 lands as the #30 marbling female in the ENTIRE Angus breed as of this writing!  When quality grade is of utmost importance, this is the donor to get it done.  Offspring of 866 will shine at every stage of production, with calving ease and weaning weight in the top 15% of the breed, and marbling and $B far into the elite top 1%.  This rising star in the Christensen Genetics donor battery is sure to be in high demand - place your orders early!


Pictured is the granddam of 866, G A R Big Eye 1770. 

CG Marbling 866 Custom Embryos


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    Be the first to receive the latest updates and offers from Christensen Genetics

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