Custom Order Pregnancies

What sire would you use on this beautiful donor? Comment your pick below and tell us why! The granddam to this cow is the famous Forever Lady 57D, who was mated to New Design 878 to make her dam. Throw in Upward as the sire, and you have a nine-year-old cow that has not only maintained excellent body and udder structure, but also an EPD profile in the top 10% of the breed for WW, YW, RADG, CLAW, HP, CW, $W, $F, and $B. Who would you choose as the sire on her next flush? Custom order pregnancies from the sire of your choice carried by quality recipients will be available this fall. Comment your pick of sires below! Learn more at

, or call/text 208-589-9988.


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Be the first to receive the latest updates and offers from Christensen Genetics

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