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      An industry first - an ENTIRE herd inventory all for sale, all the time.  Most seedstock suppliers only let go what they think they can do without, and keep the best animals for themselves.  At Christensen Genetics, there is no question about what we have available, when you can buy it, or how much it will cost you.  There is no sale day hoopla to wade through, or wondering if you really got the best animal available.  Our goal is transparency and convenience - to let you buy what you want, when you want it, and to know what the price will be.  NO ONE else in the industry gives you access like this.  


      This inventory is constantly updated and is as current as we can make it.  Obviously, there are price differences between animals.  We have priced them based on what they're worth to us.  The animals we'd rather keep are priced higher.  The animals we'd rather let go are priced cheaper.  The difference with us is, YOU HAVE ACCESS TO BOTH.  Most herds would never let you see their top end.  Some people will want the top end animals, and some will want the best buys from the herd, but we believe that it should be up to the market what stays and what goes.


      Some would say, "But the quality of animals that you produce won't be any good!  You keep letting the good ones go!"  The difference with Christensen Genetics is our embryo transfer production model.  Most ranches are set up to do one round of embryos per year, or maybe two.  Our model is designed to be able to put in as many embryos as needed, as quickly as necessary.  This allows us to quickly generate a next generation of the highest quality possible.  Our goal is not just to produce more cattle - it is to produce better cattle.  We think you will find this quality evident as you look through the inventory we've assembled, from bulls and embryos to registered spring pairs and registered fall calves.  


      As always, if we can be of any help whatsoever, don't hesitate to call 208-589-9988 or contact us here.  Visitors to the ranch are always welcome!

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Be the first to receive the latest updates and offers from Christensen Genetics

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