Custom Embryos

Program Description

      Custom embryo production is another of the programs unique to Christensen Genetics.  We have our entire donor battery at your disposal at any time!  This is truly an unprecedented offering - females at the top of their respective breeds for calving ease, growth, maternal quality and marbling available to be mated to the sire of your choice!  Simply pick a donor, pick a sire, pick a quantity, and have embryos shipped directly to you in as little as two weeks (depending on quantity ordered).  


      The program starts with picking the donor and sire of your embryos.  To see our available donor inventory, click here.  To see our available semen inventory, click here.  You are also welcome to use semen from outside of our currently available inventory.  All custom embryo production semen purchases will be billed at cost when embryos are shipped.  If you have questions regarding which donor or sire would be the best fit for your needs, call 208-589-9988 or click here to send an email.  


      Once you have selected your donor, sire, and desired quantity of embryos, you're ready to make your purchase!  Go to our donors page and click on your selected donor.  Once there, use the arrows to selected the quantity of embryos desired, type the full name and registration number of the desired sire in the "Comments" box, and we will schedule your flush!  You will then have the option to either pay for your embryos online via credit card or PayPal, or to send a check and receive a 2% discount on your order.

      Once your embryos are produced and frozen, we will contact you to schedule shipment.  Payment for shipping of embryos is the responsibility of the buyer.  We will take your credit card information over the phone to pay for the shipment of your embryos.  


      Our embryos have produced excellent conception rates for us (69%, 81%, and 91% on the last three groups preg checked, respectively) and we expect them to do the same for you.  If your conception rates are less than 30%, we will credit you full purchase price of the embryos towards your choice of embryos or custom production from our donors.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.


      An investment in Christensen Genetics custom embryo production is one of the soundest you could ever make.  World class donors, excellent mating flexibility, and reasonable pricing make our embryos the best buy on the market today.  Click here to get started.   

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Be the first to receive the latest updates and offers from Christensen Genetics

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