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Program Description

      Leasing a bull from Christensen Genetics has many advantages.  Saved feed costs, saved damage to fencelines, decreased initial expenditure, and access to fresh genetics each year are just a few of the reasons that our clients prefer to lease their bulls from Christensen Genetics.  At Christensen Genetics, our herd bull battery that is designated for leasing is not full of rejects or throwaways.  It is the front edge of our genetics, including bulls produced primarily via ET and AI.  Our bulls are all semen and trich tested and include bulls bred for calving ease, growth, maternal, and marbling traits to match the needs of your ranch.  Our current herd bull battery includes large sire groups by Special Focus, Resource, Rampage, and other industry-leading sires.  If you're ready to lease, fill out this form, or you can read on or call me with any questions.


      The program is simple.  A flat $1000 gives you a bull for the season: for as much (or as little) time as you need him.  Some ranches use a bull for 60 days, and some for 6 months.  Half of the lease value ($500) is due at reservation of the bull.  At this time, I will personally go through the available bull inventory with you, and match a bull (or bulls) to your ranch's specific needs.  The other half of the lease value ($500) is due when the bull is picked up.  This price gives you a fully developed, semen and trich tested, ready to work bull for the entire breeding season.  There when you want him, gone when you don't - it's hard to beat having a fresh bull every year.


      Two of the most commonly asked questions about our leasing program concern liability and shipping.  The money you spend on a lease guarantees that you will have a breeding bull for at least the first 45 days of your breeding season.  If your bull is injured or is rendered unable to breed, you will have access to a replacement bull during this time frame.  At the end of your lease, on the rare occasion that a bull is unable to return to service (ie broken leg, broken penis) then you will be liable for the value of the bull (eg $2500) less the value paid for the lease (eg $1000) less the value received for salvage of the bull (eg $1200), which in this example, would leave you liable only for the $300 in remaining value lost.  


      Shipping of all bulls (leases and returns) is the responsibility of the lessee.  Shipping is available from Christensen Genetics at a rate of $2.00/loaded mile, or you can pick up and return your bulls from our ranch in Weston, ID.  You are welcome to view the bulls at 1241 E. 13000 N. Cove, UT 84320.

If you have any questions about our bull leasing program, or would like to reserve your bulls for the spring or fall, please click here or call Lauren at 208-760-0144.


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Be the first to receive the latest updates and offers from Christensen Genetics

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