Bull Availability

We currently have 73 breeding age bulls in inventory here at Christensen Genetics.  Some of the sires represented within our yearling bulls are featured below.  Individual pictures and registration information are available upon request and will be added to the website as time allows.

For more information, call or text 208-760-0144 or email christensengenetics@gmail.com.

Calving Ease

KG Solution 0018 is a featured sire within our calving ease line of bulls.  With a calving ease direct EPD of 13 at 86% accuracy, Solution is one of the most proven calving ease bulls in the Angus breed.  His sons are the kind you can turn out with your yearling heifers and not worry about them at calving.


Rampage is a household name within the beef industry.  The best fit for Rampage cattle is for the cattleman who weighs up and sends all of his calves on the truck in the fall.  Rampage has the highest proven weaning weight EPD in the entire Angus breed at 82.  If pounds across the scale is what you're after next fall, lease a Rampage son.


G A R Sunrise is one of the best and most proven marbling sires in the Angus breed.  For producers that sell their finished product on the rail or direct to consumers, Sunrise sons will provide the best quality meat that Angus has to offer.  If more intramuscular fat is your goal, lease a Sunrise son and let the rest take care of itself!

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Be the first to receive the latest updates and offers from Christensen Genetics

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